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Blue Cats and Chartreuse Kittens

You see a person, she sees blue. She can smell green and taste purple. Synesthesia the Musical is an acoustic storytelling concert written and performed by Jillian Vitko based on her experience having Synesthesia, which is, at its most distilled, is a blending of the senses. She takes you through a rainbow of emotions dealing with life, love, and death. Come with her and discover your own colors. At the end, you just might see the world a little differently. Like she does. 


What people are saying...

"A touching one-woman show created by Jillian Vitko, which explores her life through the lense of her synesthesia, a medical phenomena which causes senses to cross-pollinate with one another. Simply presented with one woman and a guitar, it is an hour of songs and confessional storytelling that leaves you feeling melancholic yet hopeful. Her processing of relationships through colors and how this has affected her interactions with romantic partners, family, and more is well-communicated and warmly relatable. It's a welcoming show that pulls back the veil on a condition not widely understood, as explained through the conduit of one person's life."


"Synesthesia the Musical is a lovely little gem of a show. It showcases its composer/performer's many talents as she tells the story of her life up to now. At times heartbreaking and poignant, it also infuses some humor into these glimpses of her life, paired with the colours they evoke in her mind as well as in her songs. Jillian Vitko's voice is charming and lilting in her sweeter songs and masterful in her power ballads. She takes the audience on a journey that is gratifying and insightful as we discover with her the sources and songs indicative of both her rare condition and her own inner strength.", audience review

"I just saw the lovely one-woman show "Synesthesia the Musical" and I highly recommend it! It is a moving and engaging set of personal stories where the experience of people-as-colors is woven into the story-telling in a natural way. A big bright green BRAVA!"


Patricia Lynne Duffy, Author of "Blue Cats and Chartreuse Kittens: How Synesthetes Color Their Worlds"

"Your voice is beautiful and your show is so heartfelt and honest. Thank you for sharing your story!"


social media audience review

"Funny and touching. You'll be very upset if you miss out on this."

social media audience review

"Moving, entertaining, fascinating."

social media audience review

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